1.                     Opener            Responder

                        1C                   1D



1a.  How many points does opener have?        >12+ points<

1b.  How many diamonds does opener have?    >4 diamonds<

1c.  How many clubs does opener have?         >5 clubs<

1d.  What possible distributions does opener have?    >Opener must have 4 diamonds and 5 clubs with the remaining 4 cards in the majors.  With 6+ clubs opener would re-bid clubs before showing the diamond suit.  If opener was 5-5 in diamonds and clubs, opener would open 1 diamond rather than 1 club.  Furthermore, opener must have at least one card in each major.  Otherwise, opener would have either 4 spades or 4 hearts with a void in the other major and would bid the major before bidding 2 diamonds.  Therefore, opener's distribution must be either 1-3-4-5, 3-1-4-5, or 2-2-4-5.<


2.                     Opener            Responder

                        1C                   1D



2a.  What would opener bid with 2-2-4-5 distribution and 13 points?  >1 no trump<

2b.  What would opener bid with 1-3-4-5 or 3-1-4-5 distribution and 13 points?         >2 diamonds<


3.                     Opener            Responder

                        1C                   1D

                        2D                   2H



3a.  What would opener bid with a 2-2-4-5 hand?       >2 no trump<

3b.  What would opener bid with a 3-1-4-5 hand?      >3 spades<

3c.  What is the reason for opener’s bids in 3a and 3b?          >If responder has 5 spades and 5 hearts, opener wants to show 3 spades in 3b.  If responder is 6-5 in the majors, opener wants to show 2 spades in 3a and 3 spades in 3b.<

Opener has Clubs and Diamonds (p. 1 of 2, Answers)